Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide

Adelaide Attractions

Adelaide, a city of great charm with an unhurried way of life, is easily explored on foot. Well planned on a grid pattern, city of Adelaide bordered by wide terraces and parkland. Within the city are a number of garden squares and gracious stone buildings.

Central Market

central market, adelaide

Address: Gouger St.
Phone No: (08) 8203 7494.
Official Timings: Tue, Thu-Sat.

Just west of Victoria Square, between Gouger and Grote streets, Adelaide Central Market has provided a profusion of tastes and aromas in the city for more than 125 years. The changing ethnic pattern of Adelaide society is reflected in the diversity of produce available today. Asian shops now sit beside older European-style butchers and delicatessens, and part of the area has become Adelaide's own little Chinatown. Around the market are dozens of restaurants and cafés where local food is adapted to various international cuisines.


Tandanya, adelaide

Address: 253 Grenfell St.
Phone No: (08) 8224 3200.
Official Timings: 10am-5pm daily.
Official Holidays: Good Fri, 25 Dec, 1 Jan.

Tandanya, the Aboriginal name for the Adelaide area, is an excellent Aboriginal cultural institute featuring indigenous art galleries, workshops and performance areas. It also has a café and a gift shop selling Aboriginal crafts.

Migration and Settlement Museum

migration and settlement museum, adelaide

Address: 82 Kintore Ave.
Phone No: (08) 8207 7580.
Official Timings: daily.
Official Holidays: Good Fri, 25 Dec. 7

The Migration and Settlement Museum is located behind the State Library in what was once Adelaide's Destitute Asylum. It reflects the cultural diversity of South Australian society by telling the stories of people from many parts of the world who came here to start a new life. Exhibits, including re-creations of early settlers' houses, explain the immigrants' reasons for leaving their homeland, their hopes for a new life, their difficult journeys and what they then found on arrival in the new colony.

South Australian Museum

South Australian Museum, adelaide

Address: North Terrace.
Phone No: (08) 8207 7500.
Official Timings: 10am-5pm daily.
Official Holidays: Good Fri, 25 Dec.

This museum, whose entrance is framed by huge whale skeletons, has a number of interesting collections including an Egyptian room and many natural history exhibits. It's most important collection, however, is its extensive and internationally acclaimed collection of Aboriginal artifacts which boasts more than 37,000 individual items and 50,000 photographs, as well as many sound and video recordings.

Rundle Mall

Rundle Mall, adelaide

Address: Adelaide Arcade.
Phone No: (08) 8223 5522.
Official Timings: daily.

Adelaide's main shopping area is centered on Rundle Mall, with its mixture of department stores, boutiques and small shops. Several arcades run off the mall, including Adelaide Arcade. Built in the 1880s, it has Italianate elevations at both ends and a central dome. The interior was modernized in the 1960s, but has since been fully restored to its former glory.